Wednesday, December 31, 2014

0x40 Hues of Winter

We were meaning to have this ready in time for Christmas, but our usual procrastination and conflicting schedules didn't permit it. So although it's a few days late, we hope you enjoy this surprise update to v5.0!

It was originally just going to be a smaller side version like v4.1 and v4.20, but we decided to take this opportunity to add a few things and fix some bugs from v5.0.

  • Features
    • Seasonal UI
    • Seasonal music
    • Seasonal images
    • Right-click to open menu
    • Scroll wheel for volume
  • New beat chars
    • ~ / = fade color (= changes also image)
    • X / O blur only
  • Fixes
    • Buildups longer than main loop work properly!
    • Loading multiple local zips in one go and progress for the processing!
While the UI is minimal this time around, the keys and menu still work. You can also change to any of the three previous UIs.

A word of warning; the new UI might not work perfectly on some computers. We did what we could to keep the lag down, but between the lights, snow, and blur, it might slow down. If you're experiencing issues, try playing with the graphics settings in the Options tab (lowering quality, alpha lighting).

Thank you all again for an awesome year, and we wish you all the best in 2015!


  1. Great update! Is there any way to access the images and non-HQ music from the base version in this release? The HQ music is listed under respacks, but not the original stuff as far as I can tell.

  2. features
    more lag
    10/10 my pants are fire (y)(y)(y)

  3. I'd like to make a couple of feature request for a future version:

    - the ability to repack the base SWF file with custom respacks (hopefully this isn't too difficult, I don't know much about actionscript)
    - the ability to change the default settings (e.g. an XML file in a respack with the custom settings, see above)

    Basically I want to be able to make a custom screensaver out of this and I'm too lazy to decompile it and make the changes I want.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hmm, I swear I replied to this once already.

      Welp, I did once try to make a version that could be joined with a Zip by copying them together ("copy myhues.swf" in Windows or "cat hues.swf > myhues.swf" in Linux), but alas, I can only access the SWF bytes of the file from the code. I might be able to figure something out, but as of now, nada.
      The default settings is somewhat easier, but as you might've noticed, our release cycle is a tad slow.

  4. nice job as always

  5. The new effects are great!

    The person who wrote the Trans-Syberian Orchestra song timing put in too many beats, forcing them to mistime the effects in order to make them fit. I put up a fixed version here ( if you'd like to use it.

  6. 2/10 Not enough spicy wolves.

  7. Can we get a offline version?

    1. You sure can. Open up the flash, go to your browser's menu and click "Save Page" or "Save page as...".

      If you meant an offline version of the xmas song/image pack itself, we'll put that up for download soon on the Remote Respack page.