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Thank you, Mike, for kicking this all off 10 years ago. It's been a source of inspiration, motivation, relaxation, and a hell of a lot of fun; both in working on it and in hanging with the community you helped build. Glad that Finale was only the beginning.

While the flash version of 0x40 Hues is no longer being worked on, the project lives on and has even had some significant updates.
Mon and kepstin have web-ified and flavor-boosted Hues into an Adobe-free era, and are still experimenting with and developing their open-source versions.

Here are a couple new respacks showcasing some of the effects and features in mon's outstanding Hues clone.
Also recently added is Huesless, a pack of 50+ sparkly new dithered characters.

Ok bye.

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

0x40 Hues of Halloween

Happy Halloween!

This is probably the last of our seasonal hues updates, and we're definitely nearing the end of the flash's dead-horse-beatability. It's been a spooky journey, but after several months of thinking about it, we managed to throw this treat together in the last two days.
Big thanks to everyone who's helped us get this far (Anon D, Anon T, Terrance, everyone in the skype group, and viewers like you), and my hat off to AMM and Pyure for being the reliable chums they are. Most of the deep options and features you see in the popup window only exist thanks to AMM, as well as a ton of other backend features you'll never hear of or see. His work is truly magical because I have no clue how any of it works, it just does, it's magic, the guy's a cultist or something. AMM also keeps our servers up and running so music actually plays when you open hues. Pyure has been a core contributer to the audio and visual components of hues since the beginning. He cooks up images and loops, and maps most of the beatmaps for our loops, which is an arduous task to say the least. He keeps this blog updated, I think. He's definitely helped mold the direction this project has traversed, and I'm thankful for that.

One of these days I'll finish rewriting my introductory "how 2 hues" source code that allows flesh-wearing skeletons like you to make your own audio-visual projects hues-style with ease and flair. I'm pleased to say that our small gang is branching onto other small projects, mostly a small (keyword small) text adventure game. No ETA at present.

What are you doing still reading this blogpost? Get out there and gather candy, or have fun at one of those parties or something. Or maybe you have a job to go to, in which case I can empathize. RIP. Alternatively you could just stay home and watch hues, whatever spooks your poop.

 - Mike

0x40 Hues of Halloween (v5.2)

 10 songs, 23 images

  • New UI!
  • New effect: invert! (How did we not have this yet)
  • Reworked audio backend which results in improved stability and...
  • Seeking in the editor! Click a spot with middle/right mouse button.
  • Internal fixing (boooriiiiing)
  • A small easter egg with a small random chance...

Friday, April 10, 2015

Message Board (June 21)

  • Added 20 new images to Char Package; a thanks to kepstin for dithering a few.
  • You can request characters on this page!
  • A .zip of all the default images is available on the Remote Respacks page.
  • Join us on IRC! Messages are delivered directly to and from our Skype group.

Friday, March 13, 2015

0x40 Hues v5.11

Woah woah calm down, there's nothing new but a few small things.

This is way past due, but here's a Hues based on the Winter (v5.1) codebase with the 5.0 Defaults instead. Contains the new beat characters and effects and such, too.

Why .11? It has a tiny teeny bit of a changelog:

  • Flashvars: you can set the options (blur amount, automatic song changing, scaling, etc.) in an <embed>/<object> tag. Check out this paste for possible values and a barebones example.
  • SHIFT now randoms a song
  • 5.0 Defaults: Removed the white from Lain animation

Here's the updated 0x40 Hues of Winter 5.11, too
You can read more about 5.1 here and 5.0 here, or just scroll down a tad since we don't post that much.

Until next time!
Hey my first post on the blog.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

0x40 Hues of Winter

We were meaning to have this ready in time for Christmas, but our usual procrastination and conflicting schedules didn't permit it. So although it's a few days late, we hope you enjoy this surprise update to v5.0!

It was originally just going to be a smaller side version like v4.1 and v4.20, but we decided to take this opportunity to add a few things and fix some bugs from v5.0.

  • Features
    • Seasonal UI
    • Seasonal music
    • Seasonal images
    • Right-click to open menu
    • Scroll wheel for volume
  • New beat chars
    • ~ / = fade color (= changes also image)
    • X / O blur only
  • Fixes
    • Buildups longer than main loop work properly!
    • Loading multiple local zips in one go and progress for the processing!
While the UI is minimal this time around, the keys and menu still work. You can also change to any of the three previous UIs.

A word of warning; the new UI might not work perfectly on some computers. We did what we could to keep the lag down, but between the lights, snow, and blur, it might slow down. If you're experiencing issues, try playing with the graphics settings in the Options tab (lowering quality, alpha lighting).

Thank you all again for an awesome year, and we wish you all the best in 2015!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Message Board (Dec. 25)

  • Thank you all for your feedback, support, and kind words this past year! We're really glad that the project was so well received, and we hope to do more in the future. Have a very Merry Christmas!
  • Added Tylup's pack to the Respack list
  • Check out, and!
  • Thanks to all who have sent in Respacks! They've been fun to check out, and I'm sure others appreciate the new content as well.

Friday, June 6, 2014

0x40 Hues v5.0

It's finally here! After much procrastination and release date postponing, we're happy to bring you the latest Hues update.

Q: Why is it called v5.0? You didn't even have a 3.0 what are you thinking I want my money back
A: Since there have been so many different edits and version numbers posted on /f/, we decided to just pick one that would show that it's the newest. The highest prior to this was our 0x40 Hues v4.20, which got more positive attention than we were expecting, so now we've just jumped up to v5.0 and will go from there.

Here's some of what's new:
  • New UI
    • A new look, as promised. You'll see a couple new buttons on this, such as the the icon below song that jumps to a random track, and the cog icon over on the left which brings up the menu which is full of new content.
    • The down arrow on the left (or hitting "H" on your keyboard) hides the bottom part of the UI. Another click at the bottom of the screen will hide the beat string at the top, and a third click to unhide.
    • Clicking the song and characters names will take you to the page on the blog where we have all of the sources for the default content.
  • Menu
    • The Resources tab is where all the magic happens if you're looking for additional songs and images. Start at "Click to load the respack list", then select the resource pack you want and hit the green LOAD button. If you have a decent Internet connection, it should be fairly quick to load any of them. This tab is also where you can disable/enable songs and images by using the little check boxes next to their names.
    • I'd go through all the tabs in depth but nobody wants to read all that and I don't want to type it, so just dig around and try everything out. We'll have a guide up on the blog soon on how to use the Editor tab in case people find it too confusing. If you've got questions on anything, drop us a comment in this post or on the Shoutbox.
A special thanks to everyone hanging out in the Skype chat keeping us company.
If you like the flash and have a question or suggestion you'd like to tell us directly, feel free to stop in!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Completely Unforeseen Delay

By request of some of the hues team (Mike), the flash will be released for absolute certain on this coming Friday, June 6th.

Or in his words:
"By decree of Herr Mike the Dyke:
0x40 Hues v5.0 is to be bestowed upon the world at a point in time that can only be described as 6pm PST, Friday the Seventh of June, this year of Twenty-Fourteen.
To fail to deliver said product by said date is a felony PUNISHABLE BY DEATH and justice will be swift and it will be rightous.

wait wtf
you already posted a release date on the blog?

I never new this"

So yeah, another short delay to finish things up, but it will be released that day (June 6th) both on /f/ and right here on the blog.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Hues

It's been quite a while since the last version, but we'll be tying up our loose ends and shelling out the updated flash very soon (for real this time). The new version will be posted at the end of this month, either May 31 or June 1. As I said in a previous post, we'll likely have one more update after this one just because there are still a few things we're playing around with that we might put in later on, and it'll give everyone time to tell us what they like or dislike about this one.

Another big thanks for the feedback, and thanks to all those who suggested new characters, songs, or other features.

Friday, March 21, 2014

0x40 Hues Team

We've recently added some new members to the team. The active group up through v1.0 had been Mike (the original creator of hues), Anonymous T, and myself. Anonymous D is also credited for his significant contributions during the early stages of the flash, but isn't working with us on these more recent versions.

Joining us now are AMM and Terrance. AMM put together The Origins of 0x40 Megumi Hues, and more recently the updated Fry Dance flash, Fry.Dance.40x, along with improvements to several other existing flashes. Terrance has made a number of improvements to our last version of hues, 0x40 hues v1.0, and is now on board with us to make the next update even better. Also assisting with a few things is the creator of the lain hues flash, though I don't have a definite name to credit him by.

These guys have already been a great help so far, and you can expect good things from them for the new version.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hues Update: Worth the Weight?

Good News: We've got a bunch of ideas for fun things we'd like to add to the flash.

Bad News: That's part of what has been taking us so long.

So that we don't keep tweaking it forever and never release it, we'll probably end up leaving a lot of those things out for now and just post the AS3 version (old versions were in AS2) with the essentials. This will include the new interface, new characters and songs, and some other new features. Hopefully this doesn't make the update too underwhelming, but it'll be good for a couple of reasons: We can get some feedback on what everyone likes/dislikes about the additions and changes, and we'll be able to adjust the flash accordingly before we add in all the other things we're holding off on. Another plus is that it won't be as long of a gap between updates, and the second one will be much better off after getting input on the first.

Along with the update, we'll have a link to all the sources for the new and existing images and songs for whoever would like to browse through and download them.

New hues soon!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Update Plans

I'll do a full changelog post at some point for curious folks, but here are a few of the things we've got planned for the next version:

  • Character List
    • Similar to the question mark help menu, we'll have an icon that you can press to bring up a collective list of the characters in the flash. You'll also be able to enable/disable images through this.
  • Auto-Song
    • Lets the tracks change on their own after a specified number of loops.
  • Volume Control
    • As a number of people of have suggested, you'll be able to turn down the songs when you need to.
  • UI Revamp
    • New look for the interface.
  • And of course, new characters and songs will be added
    • There have been a great amount of suggestions for each, so we'll have no shortage of new material for the coming update. Thanks again!