Saturday, October 31, 2015

0x40 Hues of Halloween

Happy Halloween!

This is probably the last of our seasonal hues updates, and we're definitely nearing the end of the flash's dead-horse-beatability. It's been a spooky journey, but after several months of thinking about it, we managed to throw this treat together in the last two days.
Big thanks to everyone who's helped us get this far (Anon D, Anon T, Terrance, everyone in the skype group, and viewers like you), and my hat off to AMM and Pyure for being the reliable chums they are. Most of the deep options and features you see in the popup window only exist thanks to AMM, as well as a ton of other backend features you'll never hear of or see. His work is truly magical because I have no clue how any of it works, it just does, it's magic, the guy's a cultist or something. AMM also keeps our servers up and running so music actually plays when you open hues. Pyure has been a core contributer to the audio and visual components of hues since the beginning. He cooks up images and loops, and maps most of the beatmaps for our loops, which is an arduous task to say the least. He keeps this blog updated, I think. He's definitely helped mold the direction this project has traversed, and I'm thankful for that.

One of these days I'll finish rewriting my introductory "how 2 hues" source code that allows flesh-wearing skeletons like you to make your own audio-visual projects hues-style with ease and flair. I'm pleased to say that our small gang is branching onto other small projects, mostly a small (keyword small) text adventure game. No ETA at present.

What are you doing still reading this blogpost? Get out there and gather candy, or have fun at one of those parties or something. Or maybe you have a job to go to, in which case I can empathize. RIP. Alternatively you could just stay home and watch hues, whatever spooks your poop.

 - Mike

0x40 Hues of Halloween (v5.2)

 10 songs, 23 images

  • New UI!
  • New effect: invert! (How did we not have this yet)
  • Reworked audio backend which results in improved stability and...
  • Seeking in the editor! Click a spot with middle/right mouse button.
  • Internal fixing (boooriiiiing)
  • A small easter egg with a small random chance...


  1. Love the new content. Any plans for a definitive version with the Halloween content but the default start up? And it'd be cool if you kept the spooks in future versions as long as it's bound to the Halloween UI.

  2. Fuckin' a, you guys are great.

  3. who's that easter egg? ;d

  4. Jesus fucking christ I opened this today. That was a mistake.

    1. It's not doing it this year. Maaaaaaan...

  5. man, thanks for the spoops... seriously cool though

  6. Any way we can get the previous version as a separate upload?

  7. Any way to get the super creepy one back?

    1. Click the image in the October 31 blog post.
      It is also available in the respack list in the flash. You can load it by opening the menu and going to the Resources tab.

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