Friday, February 14, 2014


Q: Hey, can you fix Kyubey's eyes?
A: Yeah, we know it needs work and can assure that it'll be fixed up in the next update.


A: We understand that for whatever reason, the Chrona/Crona image is bothering some people. I don't really get why, seeing as we've had Kyubey, who's neither a girl nor a human, in the flash long before v1.0 and never got any complaints (minus the eyes in v1.0). We won't be removing the image, but we may be adding the option to choose which images you'd like enabled in the coming update. As for the spelling, I've seen it both ways, but if people are insisting it's "Crona", we can fix it.

Q: Can you add a way for me to import my own qt3.14 pics to the flash on the fly?
A: Hopefully. One of our main goals is to let everyone have 0x40 hues be exactly what they want it to be without having a bunch of different versions with 800 images cluttering up /f/. I can't say for certain if or when it'll be implemented, but we are aiming for it.

Q: Why do the colors freeze when I right-click or change to a new tab?
A: That's something we have yet to find a solution to. We'll squash that bug as soon as we're able.

Q: Who is Megumi?
A: The name Megumi in relation to this flash has always been arbitrary. As it was recently discovered, the title character is Airi Akitsuki from some series called Oni Chichi.

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  1. You added Hanako but no Lilly? For shame...