Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Update Plans

I'll do a full changelog post at some point for curious folks, but here are a few of the things we've got planned for the next version:

  • Character List
    • Similar to the question mark help menu, we'll have an icon that you can press to bring up a collective list of the characters in the flash. You'll also be able to enable/disable images through this.
  • Auto-Song
    • Lets the tracks change on their own after a specified number of loops.
  • Volume Control
    • As a number of people of have suggested, you'll be able to turn down the songs when you need to.
  • UI Revamp
    • New look for the interface.
  • And of course, new characters and songs will be added
    • There have been a great amount of suggestions for each, so we'll have no shortage of new material for the coming update. Thanks again!


  1. I really liked when the characters had colour, could that be made an option?

  2. It would be neat if i could give it a directory with images, and have it play from there.

  3. Also, I liked the kubey's eyes before teh update.