Friday, March 21, 2014

0x40 Hues Team

We've recently added some new members to the team. The active group up through v1.0 had been Mike (the original creator of hues), Anonymous T, and myself. Anonymous D is also credited for his significant contributions during the early stages of the flash, but isn't working with us on these more recent versions.

Joining us now are AMM and Terrance. AMM put together The Origins of 0x40 Megumi Hues, and more recently the updated Fry Dance flash, Fry.Dance.40x, along with improvements to several other existing flashes. Terrance has made a number of improvements to our last version of hues, 0x40 hues v1.0, and is now on board with us to make the next update even better. Also assisting with a few things is the creator of the lain hues flash, though I don't have a definite name to credit him by.

These guys have already been a great help so far, and you can expect good things from them for the new version.


  1. this would be sexy as an android live wallpaper...

  2. Wouldn't it be possible to make 0x40 a visualizer to foobar for instance?
    That would be pretty neat.

  3. I guess it wouldn't be as accurate as the flash, but with a bit of tweaking it could be almost as good no?

  4. It's not impossible, but I have no experience with foobar plugins, so I don't know how easy it'd be.
    This guy has created a global (it latches into the audio out) beat detector in Processing, source available and all. It's not perfect, but it is something.

  5. that's pretty sweet, just what I was looking for.
    I might be able to get some friends to try making it into some sort of visualizer.
    Are the character images available somewhere if you don't mind someone else using them?

  6. Our collection is constantly growing and shifting, plus we've got some new surprises, so I (we) can't release them yet. (They will all be public later on though, with original source images on the side!)

    You can, however, rip the images from an old flash if you really need them (the main star would be the actual plugin). There are a couple of links on the sidebar, shouldn't prove too hard.

    If you get anything worked up, do tell us! We'd seriously be impressed.

  7. Hello, I was browsing swfchan the other day and I found this.
    I was wondering if you've seen this or anything, As there are some features in it that I think were really done well.

  8. We've seen it =)
    In fact, Terrance is on our team! This was announced on the very same blogpost you're currently commenting on! ;)

    We've got most of the 2.3 stuff already reimplemented, but there are some new (very awesome) features that still need some fine tuning, so a release is still in somewhere in the future.
    In the meanwhile, you can check out T's latest Hues here:
    It has a loop editor and everything!

    1. Latest version with upload function is so awesome

  9. hey yo can there b like uh a radioactive with more than just tha 1 loop cuz like its missing the bes parst of the song u kno??