Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hues Update: Worth the Weight?

Good News: We've got a bunch of ideas for fun things we'd like to add to the flash.

Bad News: That's part of what has been taking us so long.

So that we don't keep tweaking it forever and never release it, we'll probably end up leaving a lot of those things out for now and just post the AS3 version (old versions were in AS2) with the essentials. This will include the new interface, new characters and songs, and some other new features. Hopefully this doesn't make the update too underwhelming, but it'll be good for a couple of reasons: We can get some feedback on what everyone likes/dislikes about the additions and changes, and we'll be able to adjust the flash accordingly before we add in all the other things we're holding off on. Another plus is that it won't be as long of a gap between updates, and the second one will be much better off after getting input on the first.

Along with the update, we'll have a link to all the sources for the new and existing images and songs for whoever would like to browse through and download them.

New hues soon!

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